Optimize Website Reading Experience and Increase Engagement Using Flipbooks

Whether you’re a huge online retailer or a struggling self-publishing author, you have one common goal: to get people to purchase your product. But before you can sell your product, you have to provide meaningful content first. So, how can you get your potential customers to read more of your content? And more importantly, how can you keep them engaged?

The answer lies in using an interactive flipbook allows the readers to get the most important points, easily digest the information, and help them retain the information. In turn, it helps you to get your readers more engaged, extend their stay on your website, and eventually purchase your products.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group research, including meaningful sub-headings and bulleted lists and highlighting keywords can help the readers better understand the content on your website. Using an interactive flipbook helps you accomplish these things. It allows you to easily add sub-headings and bulleted lists. You can even add a Table of Content, so your readers already know the most important sections of your ebook or your online catalog. Highlighting keywords is also much more sophisticated and looks even more attractive to your readers.

Table Content of an Animated Travel Brochure

Interactive Flipbook Boosts Engagement

Highlighting and getting your points across to your readers and consumers isn’t the end goal. Nowadays—with the ubiquity of mobile devices—consumers are more tech savvy and need to be engaged before purchasing a product. According to Inc.com, “customers who engage with a brands online report spending 20% to 40% more on that brand, or on that company’s products.” So, how can you boost engagement on your site? And what are the measures of engagement? Engagement means different things to marketers and publishers. But mostly, if your readers are engaged, they stay longer on your site and consume a variety of content. If your customers are engaged on your site, it increases the chances of eventually making a purchase.

Unlike traditional websites that are static (with a simple text and image), a flipbook provides an interactive digital environment for your tech savvy readers. You can embed animated features (video, Flash, audio) and present your content in a highly attractive layout. Flip PDF Pro, for example, gives you an easy way to embed all types of media into your ebook. You can embed a YouTube video, image gallery, and even an audio file. Online retailers that have dynamic product windows will get potential buyers more engaged compared to a simple image and a “buy now” button.

Screengrab from ShopBazaar.com

ShopBazaar.com showcases their line of products through a 20-page flipbook complete with the flipping sound and animated images. Items on sale are easily noticed with the animated “Sale” sign. Just like a fashion magazine, shoppers can flip through the pages and feast their eyes on various clothing items and accessories. When they find something they like, they can easily purchase it within the flipbook, too.

By utilizing the richness and variety of flipbooks, you not only improve the reading experience of your readers, but you also increase their engagement. When they are engaged, they are more likely to buy your products and become loyal customers.

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The Unbeatable Attributes of The Flip Page Software


The availability of a large variety of software is seen since a long time now which is highly utilized for various purposes in various fields. One of the leading industries where the necessity of trustable software is highly required is known to be the electronic publishing industry.

What is electronic publishing industry?

The electronic publishing industry mainly deals with the e-publishing arena. It is a highly demanding system where publication is mainly based online. It helps the publishers to swiftly portray their products in the market in web service, electronic service and the media service as well. Any kind of written document or a book or maybe any other useful articles are mostly published in this form these days.

The type of services included in e-publishing

This particular industry for the electronic publishing includes few special features and services. Services like copy editing and web publishing.  Image processing, data conversion and even Indexing are few of the most common services obtainable via an e-publishing industry. This publishing service has a combination of both the energetic and professional work force that helps in the publication of the scientific, academic as well medical books and journals.

Why electronic publishing?

This particular industry of electronic publishing has attracted the industry and has spread its demand throughout because of the user friendly feature that it possesses. It is much more portable and convenient for people to access the online services and publishing systems. Both the time and energy are well utilized. The publishers can choose from a wide array of designs for their selective publications and can expose their product to a large variety of customers worldwide just by a single click.

Details about the flip page software

Among the large diversity of software, the eBook software is the well renowned and famed one. Since the last decade the rise of the electronic publishing industry has imprinted its demand worldwide. They base their work on high quality animations and digital networking. The flipping book feature is one of the unique attributes that this flip book maker possesses. A new wave trend is brought about by this software with the help of the most recent technologies and developments used by them. This has made an e-book highly rich and readable for the customers who would definitely seek for a good quality to read through. Hence, if you are looking for a good and easy e-publishing service software does not hesitate twice before choosing it.

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Create Attractive Reading Experience Flip Book with Multimedia

Multimedia elements consist of text, image, audio, video and animation. These elements are very important and useful in the multimedia based world of today. Different forms of multimedia help to make the experience of making any form of content more interesting and interactive. A book with no images looks insipid and does not attract attention. Similarly content with no images or other forms of multimedia is not able to attract a reader’s or user’s attention. On the other hand, a content having a bit of audio or an animation or even images makes the user understand the idea being conveyed in a better manner.

Why should multimedia elements be used?

Multimedia finds its use in a number of areas. It may be used in the advertisement of brands, in PDF flip eBooks or even making presentations which are able to attract buyers and sellers towards certain things. In today’s fast moving world, the company needs more than mere logos and business cards to be able to set a foothold in the area, building a large customer base and building brand awareness as well.

Branding becomes easy with multimedia elements

To stand out in the crowd, any company needs to incorporate flash based applications to make the website seem interactive and develop a unique identity of the brand. The first step can be in including multimedia elements like sound, video and music files which may provide some energy and interest to the WebPages. Animation as well as graphic images can also be used which may take the website a notch higher. Much software is available which can help to embed the required multimedia elements on the website.

Interesting flipping eBooks with multimedia elements

Flipping eBooks also becomes easier with multimedia elements. These elements can provide a flappable interface which makes the flipping of pages in an eBook as simple as in a real book. Inclusion of multimedia elements also helps to search everywhere to get useful clues. The multimedia elements also allow converting PDF to 3D comprehensive flipbook using the Flip PDF. There is a stunning page turning effect when the pdf page flip book is made and there are a lot of multimedia elements like flash, links, video, buttons which can be added in the flipbook.

Thus multimedia elements can help to make any content, be it a PDF or presentation or any other kind of content meant to attract a user. Text, images, audio, video or an animation helps to make any content easier to understand and so the effectiveness of the content is amplified.

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Outstanding Interactive Flip Book Technology For Your Publications

Today you are in a world where everything is changing with time. With the more and more advancement of science newer technologies are getting developed every single day. Thus, you have to be updated with the newer forms of publishing technology. One of the latest ones is the interactive flipbook technology.

What is the interactive flipbook?

Compare with the traditional eBooks, a interactive flip book contain videos, links to websites, image gallery, Flash and a range of other features. All of these interactive elements will bring your publication to the next level.

Page creator can create electronic flip books

There are flip page creators which are used to convert the files into an html page and thus helping in creating web pages. Again the convertors also help in creating flash flip book which are very helpful to download and also helpful for any applications both for computers and mobile phones.

Interactive page flip e-books can be made

Again, if the electronic book or the application is interactive in nature then it will be very beneficial. With the Flip PDF technology you can do that. You can now create an interactive page flip electronic book which is viable for the computer as well as mobile phones and is very advantageous.

To make an interactive page flip there are a few steps that you have to follow, they are pretty simple and easy to do. The steps are-

  • Convert your pages, prepare them and upload them.
  • Thereafter just prepare the interface through which you want to interact with others
  • Then upload it to your website or any application or you can even store it in your compact disks. Thus, you can also use the interactive session locally or also publish it on your website, you have both the options.

Thus, keeping in mind the standards dive into and enjoy the new technology of Flip PDF.

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