Optimize Website Reading Experience and Increase Engagement Using Flipbooks

Whether you’re a huge online retailer or a struggling self-publishing author, you have one common goal: to get people to purchase your product. But before you can sell your product, you have to provide meaningful content first. So, how can you get your potential customers to read more of your content? And more importantly, how can you keep them engaged?

The answer lies in using an interactive flipbook allows the readers to get the most important points, easily digest the information, and help them retain the information. In turn, it helps you to get your readers more engaged, extend their stay on your website, and eventually purchase your products.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group research, including meaningful sub-headings and bulleted lists and highlighting keywords can help the readers better understand the content on your website. Using an interactive flipbook helps you accomplish these things. It allows you to easily add sub-headings and bulleted lists. You can even add a Table of Content, so your readers already know the most important sections of your ebook or your online catalog. Highlighting keywords is also much more sophisticated and looks even more attractive to your readers.

Table Content of an Animated Travel Brochure

Interactive Flipbook Boosts Engagement

Highlighting and getting your points across to your readers and consumers isn’t the end goal. Nowadays—with the ubiquity of mobile devices—consumers are more tech savvy and need to be engaged before purchasing a product. According to Inc.com, “customers who engage with a brands online report spending 20% to 40% more on that brand, or on that company’s products.” So, how can you boost engagement on your site? And what are the measures of engagement? Engagement means different things to marketers and publishers. But mostly, if your readers are engaged, they stay longer on your site and consume a variety of content. If your customers are engaged on your site, it increases the chances of eventually making a purchase.

Unlike traditional websites that are static (with a simple text and image), a flipbook provides an interactive digital environment for your tech savvy readers. You can embed animated features (video, Flash, audio) and present your content in a highly attractive layout. Flip PDF Pro, for example, gives you an easy way to embed all types of media into your ebook. You can embed a YouTube video, image gallery, and even an audio file. Online retailers that have dynamic product windows will get potential buyers more engaged compared to a simple image and a “buy now” button.

Screengrab from ShopBazaar.com

ShopBazaar.com showcases their line of products through a 20-page flipbook complete with the flipping sound and animated images. Items on sale are easily noticed with the animated “Sale” sign. Just like a fashion magazine, shoppers can flip through the pages and feast their eyes on various clothing items and accessories. When they find something they like, they can easily purchase it within the flipbook, too.

By utilizing the richness and variety of flipbooks, you not only improve the reading experience of your readers, but you also increase their engagement. When they are engaged, they are more likely to buy your products and become loyal customers.

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Top PDF to Flipbook Converter for Creating and Publishing HTML5 Flipbooks for Mac

One thing: A few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me to introduce a kind of professional flipbook maker software to solve her designing problems. First, she is a Mac user, and she wanted to create a brochure for her company. Here I have to learn that the software I recommended to her must support HTML5 platform. Yes, it is very important! Another thing: I am a designer and the owner of an online store, and I usually design some digital publications to promote my products such as catalogs and brochures. So you will be not surprised that I have struggle through a lot of digital software website like FlipHTML5, Issuu, PubHTML5, Yumdu, but all of them discouraged me until I visited AnyFlip.com.

Without any doubts, AnyFlip would be the one I recommended to my friend finally. AnyFlip is a top PDF to flipbook converter used to create many types of stunning and attractive digital flipbooks like magazines, newspaper, brochures, catalogs etc. Most importantly, it benefits to Mac users so much. If you are a Mac user, there is no any problem about the compatibility with AnyFlip, and you can easily create and publish as many HTML5 flipbooks as you wish.

Create HTML5 Flipbooks

As you know HTML5 can help to create a rise in interactive in publications, this feature has been used to enhance a flipbook and for a responsive reading experience. Fortunately, AnyFlip has been tailored for any devices. It means you can create your stylish digital flipbook and make it be broswable on PC, Mac, desktops or mobile devices. So either you are a beginner or an expert. You are able to quickly convert your interactive HTML5 brochure from PDF on Mac system. Such media as YouTube videos, audios, photo galleries will also be added to the pages to make your brochures well-featured.


View on iPad & iPhone

Apple series products are so fashionable today, say for instance iPad and iPhone. But Apple mobile technology does not support web plugins like flash player, so if you publish your flipbooks in flash, your books will be not accessible to Apple devices. HTML5 technology form AnyFlip PDF to flipbook converter not only allows you to view your produced flipbook in a browser on your Mac, but also enables you to appreciate the same contents on your Apple devices including iPad and iPhone. Of course, other mobile based devices are also supported including Android smartphones and tablets.


Read Flipbooks offline

How convenient if you can enjoy digital reading offline! AnyFlip is such a PDF to flipbook converter that can help to publish HTML Flipbooks for offline reading. No matter whether you are a PC user or a Mac user, you are able to publish your digital flipbooks to local in HTML format. So even there is no Internet connection, you can still view your items on Mac desktop and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android or other portable devices).


Indeed, Mac users have been a large group on the marker, and HTML5 with its increasing development would be the lead digital publishing format. Even for this, AnyFlip is the one that can help you keep the pace of the trend. For more wonderful feature, you can continue to visit its official website.

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