Best Magazine Maker for iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Tablet

Do you still remember how’s your felling when you fell face-first into the glorious world of digital magazines? Oh, so beautiful! How amazing! Look at the rich embedded media, and the clever transition, you were impressed by such a stunning item. You also expect to make one too, right? Well, today digital software has developed dramatically, which makes it easier to create an engaging digital magazine. Some of them even provide multiple new digital distribution platforms for magazines. Like the iPhone, iPad, Android Devices and Tablet, they have brought with a new avenue for magazine publishing. If you’re looking into making your own magazine and don’t have the resources to get an appropriate tool, here Mobissue magazine maker option will be offered to you.

One of the greatest advantages of Mobissue magazine maker is the possibility to reach out a wider audience with various mobile devices. You will be very easy to make the most of your digital edition and make it accessible for your mobile readers. According to this article, you will learn more details about this application.

Create Rich-Media Mobile Content

Mobissue magazine maker gives you the chance to use freely and allows you to create your own interactive and rich-media content without having to write any codes. You are able to embed multiple media like image, slide show, link, sound, local & online video, hot spot, button, shape, flash into any pages of your magazine to make the content more interesting and attracting. Moreover, you can add different animations to all of these embedded features. The application exactly helps you say goodbye to the dull things and present a wonderful and completely brand new content to your readers.

Preview Magazine on Mobile Devices

You are very interested in your mobile content, but you may be faced with a question: how’s the appearance of my published magazine. Well, with the Mobissue service, you will be easy to preview all your created items on mobile device. Whether you want to preview the content on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, it can do all for you. Before the publishing, the overall effect of your magazine will be presented to you totally, including the animated page-flipping effect, the inserted media features and so on. For the publishers, they can take a great advantage of this feature to make a better edition for their magazines.


Publishing for Mobile Content

iPhone, iPad and Android platforms have a high potential for profitability because of their popularity. When you publish your publication on all these devices, it will be probably to get more readers. One size fits all with Mobissue magazine maker software. For this application, your digital content will be accessible to a variety of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices and tablets. Once you publish for the mobile devices, the rich-media will be easily appreciated anytime and anywhere by yourself. This is a mobile publishing feature many publishers love because they can let their readers get a superb reading experience and that their magazine is being showcased to the maximum of its potential.



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Mobissue-Powerful Online Platform for HTML5 Flipbook Publishing

In the past, most of people would like to publish their publication as PDF and flash flipbook. But today, with the increasing development of technology, HTML5 flipbook has dominant in the publishing industry. Well, with the HTML5 technology, your flipbook can be read on different kinds of mobile devices in any web browser without installing any third-party software. Plus, your HTML5 item is also securer than the flash one. So, do you want to create and publish such a flipbook for yourself? Maybe some of you are confused with the designing software, but here Mobissue online platform will let you create your unique HTML5 flipbook and publish it to share with others on your own.

Mobissue is a fashionable and incredible online platform which contributes to create and publish many types of page-turning HTML5 flipbooks such as pamphlets, catalogs, brochures, annual reports, magazines and more. With tons of amazing features, whether you want to share your produced HTML5 flipbooks with others or embed them to the website and blog, it can satisfy all your requirements.

Create Animated HTML5 Flipbook in Minutes

With Mobisuue, you are allowed to quickly upload your existing PDF files or images to the platform to create a new and stunning HTML5 Flipbook. On this online platform, you will be easy to customize and set your flipbook as you wish, such as adding pre-designed templates and dynamic scenes to describe your book, customizing the book info and so on. There are 4 kinds of different templates (Flip, Cool, Normal and Slide) and many featured dynamic scenes (balloon, bubble, cloud, dandelion, flower, maple leaves, ginkgo leaves and more) for you to apply in your HTML5 flipbooks. Meanwhile, you can insert a background sound and background image to make your flipbook more vivid and lively. If you want to set a background color for the book, it is also very easy for you.


Support for Reading on Multiple Mobile Devices

After you finish your HTML5 flipbook creating work, you may expect to publish your item to social media and make it readable on mobile devices. In fact, when creating an interactive flipbook on Mobissue online platform, you are able to easily share your book via social media (Facebook, Google+, twitter, LinkedIn, etc), email and QR code. If you want to read your HTML5 flipbook on your mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Android phones and tablets), you just need to scan your flipbook’s QR code or opening the book’s link, and then you can quickly enjoy the reading.



Embed HTML5 Flipbook onto Your Blog/Website

Apart from the social media integration and mobile friendly, Mobissue also enables you to embed your HTML5 flipbook onto your own website and blog. What you need to do is copy your flipbook’s embedded code and paste it in your website or blog, which will definitely help to increase your flipbook’s conversion rate.


Keep Your HTML5 Flipbook in Privacy

For some designers and publishers, sometimes, they would like to keep their generated HTML5 flipbook in privacy. That’s good news. Mobissue makes it possible for the user to customize the privacy settings: Private (Only authorized users can read your book), Keep Private on Mobissue Cloud (Unaccessible to the Public on Mobile Cloud), and Public on the Web (Anyone on the Internet can reach your book). Just in the need of a click, you can quickly customize the privacy settings to meet your needs.



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How to Create Elegant Mobile Flipbook with Mobissue Flip Book Maker?

Without any doubt, the flip book maker software helps book publishers and business owners showcase their book and products in a sleek document.  Today, more and more people tend to access online book from smartphones, laptops and e-readers. So, when you start to create your online flipbook, it is necessary to integrate the selected software with mobile device, which, to some extent, would help to spread your flipbook item.

Mobissue is a kind of new and advanced flip book maker software, with which you can create your unique and professional mobile flipbook in seconds. There are a lot of limitations when it comes to create a publication, you will be not annoyed with the cost and resource consumption if you use this innovative technology.  In this article, I’m going to show you how to create an elegant mobile flipbook for free with Mobissue this digital solution. And let’s start right away…

First, you can click here to go to its website, and upload your destination PDF to the online platform, which can let you quickly create a fabulous page turning flipbook from the still document.  On the online platform, you are easy to manage your flipbook as you want. There are 4 different types of templates for the option: Flip, Cool, Normal and Slide, choose one of your favorite templates to describe the flipbook.  A variety of scenes also can give you the ability to create a dynamic and charming background for your book. Besides, you are allowed to customize the advanced settings, such as adding background sound, choose the book language, set caption color, page number and so on.


Second, Mobissue provides you another chance to make your top quality flipbook with direct operation in its program.  This program can be downloaded freely for everyone from the homepage. With Mobissue digital program, your PDF file can be imported easily, and the page ranges to import can be set on your own. Such advanced settings as Import Link, Import Table of Content and Import Search can also be customized as you like. Just in a matter of minutes, your PDF file will be converted into attracting page flipping book immediately.  Like on the online platform, you can pick an appropriate template and theme for your digital flipbook in the program.

In addition, you are capable of customizing a series of settings: Loading Settings, The Display Settings, Control Settings, and Background Settings, etc. With Mobissue program, the outstanding Animation Editor will bring the users convenience to add multiple media to enrich the digital content.  For example, they can add beautiful images and slid show to present their interesting stories, embed sound and video to distribute more information, or choose to insert hot spot to highlight those important contents.  All of these are very easy and simple, even you are just a beginner, you can do a good job.


Well, one of amazing features offered by Mobissue is that the users can make it possible to share their flipbook and appreciate it on mobile devices.  If your book is generated on the online platform, you can directly share your book and then scan the QR code to view the flipbook on mobile browser. While the digital flipbook is produced in the program, you first need to publish it online, and then get the QR code, open your mobile and scan the code, you will easily view the elegant flipbook on the mobile.




In short, both creative methods can help you quickly and simply make a stunning flipbook, and you can have a try now. Create  your stylish flipbook and enjoy a mobile reading experience.


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Focusky-Free HTML5 Presentation Software for Small Business Owners

Many small businesses use different types of software to improve business efficiency and accomplish specific tasks. Presentation software as one of powerful business technology cannot be ignored in the work. When it comes to presentation software, PowerPoint seems to be the first one we talked about.

But, with the development of technology, more and more people would like to use the modern HTML5 presentation software to run their presentation operation like Focusky, Prezi, Slide Rocket etc. These new and innovative methods can not only maximize the small business owners’ time, but also make their presentation work more artistic and productive. In this article, I will focus on the Focusky free HTML5 presentation software which is extremely suitable for small business owners to create efficient presentation. Following is some details from Focusky

First, let’s appreciate an engaging video of Focusky

Keep Everything Easily

Time is money. Most of people would like to create a unique presentation in a short time, especially for the small business owners who are some of busiest people around. In this case, Focusky truly can be a good helper for them. With this presentation software, everything can be controlled by the users.

First, you can create your business presentation from PowerPoint, published files and images. Or you can open a generated project file and continue to finish your work. There are also a variety of characteristic layouts offered to process a new project. Besides, So many free online templates can also be chosen for any styles of presentation in accordance with different topics.

In addition, Focusky gives the user access to tons of free Vector Resources, so even you have no any pre-designed images, you can still edit your standard items. What’s more, you can add transition and animation effects to make your business presentation more stunning.

Focusky-Free HTML5 Presentation Software for Small Business Owners

Available for Both PC and Mac

For small business owners, nothing is more important than the compatibility of the selected presentation software. Imagined that you are a PC user, but most of your readers work on Mac, it might be difficult for than to view your works, right? Well, with Focusky you don’t need to worry about it. Focusky HTML5 presentation software endows the user with ability to publish the work as APP, HTML and MP4 video presentation that can run on both PC and Mac system. It is undoubtedly convenient your readers to view your business presentation on their Mac.

Focusky-Free HTML5 Presentation Software for Small Business Owners

Multiple Publishing Channels

Focuksy is not limited to a single publishing format. There are 9 different publishing types: Publishing to Cloud, Windows Application (exe), Video, Flash Web Page (html), HTML5 Web Page, Mac OSX Application, Archive (Zip), Mobile Type (mfs) and Publish as PDF. After the fully customizing and highly editing, you can choose one type form and publish your business presentations as your destination works.

Focusky-Free HTML5 Presentation Software for Small Business Owners


It is pretty good to run an entire business presentation on free software. Especially there are a great many of amazing features. So why not download Focusky this free presentation software to create your wonderful business presentations? You might be impressed by this software completely.

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5 Tips to Create Responsive HTML5 Flipbook with AnyFlip

Undoubtedly, with the increasing progress of technology, HTML5 flipbooks have been a dominant choice in digital publishing. For most of the people, it is not the dream to create a flipbook any more. But if you want to produce a high-quality and responsive flipbook, looking for a standard flipbook maker that can satisfy all your requirements is very necessary. As we all know, HTML5 is more secure and effective than Flash, so it would be better to choose a kind of powerful HTML5 animation flipbook maker software. Following is AnyFlip, Professional HTML5 flipbook solution, recommended to you, and 5 tips would also be offered here as well.

General Learning of AnyFlip

AnyFlip is a wonderful digital flipbook creator and well-known for its multiple and powerful features. It is in basic of HTML5 technology that can let you easily create as many remarkable HTML5 animation flipbooks, such as magazines, catalogs, brochures etc as you expect. Both individuals and business can benefit from this amazing program.

5 important things should be considered when beginning your HTML5 flipbook operation.

Price policy

There are thousands of flipbook maker tools on the market, but they are so expensive. And for some of them, you have to pay for money to get some simple features. Sometimes, you are even disappointed with the trial length. For example, some program just provides a week long for free trial, so if you need more time to finish your perfect work, it will fail you. While, AnyFlip gives you a reasonable price, and it can let you have a try freely for one month. Ever for the Free version, you can still have the ability to enjoy many special features and functions. You can go ahead to find a favorable price on its official website.

5 Tips to Create Responsive HTML5 Flipbook with AnyFlip

Publish formats

A variety of publishing formats will make users convenient to publish their fantastic flipbooks on different occasions. AnyFlip supports multiple publishing formats including HTML, EXE, Burn to CD/DVD, APP, ZIP, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal module and Email. So you can choose to publish your digital flipbook in HTML format and create an awesome book to read online and offline.




Embed Multimedia Elements

A rich content will make your flipbook more interactive and attractive. The Page Editor is one important part of AnyFlip which can let all the users embed various media to the contents. So, you can easily insert YouTube, vimeo, sound, photo gallery, dynamic text, flash, animation and other engaging media to pages to create your stylish HTML5 flipbook.


5 Tips to Create Responsive HTML5 Flipbook with AnyFlip


Work on across all platforms

If you create a digital flipbook, make sure your book can work on different devices. Well, AnyFlip HTML5 Flipbook maker can help you get rid of all the troubles of compatibility. It means you can create your flipbook on both Pac and Mac. Your flipbook can be also accessible to the mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones, smartphones and tablets. Of course, it also means you can search your digital flipbook in different browser.


5 Tips to Create Responsive HTML5 Flipbook with AnyFlip

SEO friendly

Another attention: a SEO friendly flipbook is quite significant for a book producer, especially if you want to create a digital flipbook to promote your products and boost your brand. With AnyFlip this digital service, you can quickly create SEO friendly HTML flipping pages. First, when you choose to publish your flipbook as HTML, you should tick “Create basic HTML version for search engines”, it is necessary to enable search. Of course, you can set page title, make a description and customize keywords, all of them will also help you create a SEO friendly HTML flipbooks.

5 Tips to Create Responsive HTML5 Flipbook with AnyFlip

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Top PDF to Flipbook Converter for Creating and Publishing HTML5 Flipbooks for Mac

One thing: A few weeks ago, one of my friends asked me to introduce a kind of professional flipbook maker software to solve her designing problems. First, she is a Mac user, and she wanted to create a brochure for her company. Here I have to learn that the software I recommended to her must support HTML5 platform. Yes, it is very important! Another thing: I am a designer and the owner of an online store, and I usually design some digital publications to promote my products such as catalogs and brochures. So you will be not surprised that I have struggle through a lot of digital software website like FlipHTML5, Issuu, PubHTML5, Yumdu, but all of them discouraged me until I visited

Without any doubts, AnyFlip would be the one I recommended to my friend finally. AnyFlip is a top PDF to flipbook converter used to create many types of stunning and attractive digital flipbooks like magazines, newspaper, brochures, catalogs etc. Most importantly, it benefits to Mac users so much. If you are a Mac user, there is no any problem about the compatibility with AnyFlip, and you can easily create and publish as many HTML5 flipbooks as you wish.

Create HTML5 Flipbooks

As you know HTML5 can help to create a rise in interactive in publications, this feature has been used to enhance a flipbook and for a responsive reading experience. Fortunately, AnyFlip has been tailored for any devices. It means you can create your stylish digital flipbook and make it be broswable on PC, Mac, desktops or mobile devices. So either you are a beginner or an expert. You are able to quickly convert your interactive HTML5 brochure from PDF on Mac system. Such media as YouTube videos, audios, photo galleries will also be added to the pages to make your brochures well-featured.


View on iPad & iPhone

Apple series products are so fashionable today, say for instance iPad and iPhone. But Apple mobile technology does not support web plugins like flash player, so if you publish your flipbooks in flash, your books will be not accessible to Apple devices. HTML5 technology form AnyFlip PDF to flipbook converter not only allows you to view your produced flipbook in a browser on your Mac, but also enables you to appreciate the same contents on your Apple devices including iPad and iPhone. Of course, other mobile based devices are also supported including Android smartphones and tablets.


Read Flipbooks offline

How convenient if you can enjoy digital reading offline! AnyFlip is such a PDF to flipbook converter that can help to publish HTML Flipbooks for offline reading. No matter whether you are a PC user or a Mac user, you are able to publish your digital flipbooks to local in HTML format. So even there is no Internet connection, you can still view your items on Mac desktop and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android or other portable devices).


Indeed, Mac users have been a large group on the marker, and HTML5 with its increasing development would be the lead digital publishing format. Even for this, AnyFlip is the one that can help you keep the pace of the trend. For more wonderful feature, you can continue to visit its official website.

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Best Flip Book Makers for Amazing Digital Magazines Publishing

You really want to create an attractive digital magazine and publish it online to share with your customers and partners, but you are so annoyed with your digital magazine maker software. Here will be the right place for you. We all know that it is difficult to design a stunning digital magazine without a kind of professional software. Now AnyFlip flip book maker will be recommended to you create your own standard digital magazine, and help you work smoothly.

AnyFlip is a very useful and productive digital solution allowing users to create outstanding digital magazines even you have no any web design skills. Besides, you are capable of publishing your magazines just in need of a few of clicks. There are so many excellent features from AnyFlip, some features provided below will be helpful for your digital magazines publishing.

Publishing Based on HTML5

This flip book maker enables you to convert PDF into flipping eBook in a matter of minutes including brochures, magazines, catalogs and so many more. With this application, you are also allowed to publish your digital magazine based on HTML5, which means that your digital publication can be readable on almost any mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Kindle Fire and more. So it is very easy for you and your readers to enjoy your digital works on your phone everywhere.

Best Flip Book Makers for Amazing Digital Magazines Publishing

Sharing on Social Networks

After you create you beautiful digital magazines, you may expect to share them with your friends or your customers, right?  AnyFlip is very perfect for this case. For this digital software, it is so quick for you to upload your digital magazine online, and share them on many popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus LinkedIn etc. It is a very favorable to bring your website with considerable reverse traffic.

Best Flip Book Makers for Amazing Digital Magazines Publishing

Publishing in Offline Version

It is so convenient if you can read your digital magazine offline, and it is absolutely vey cool. AnyFlip would let you completely enjoy this perfect experience. Apart from the online publishing, it can also provide you with the ability to make your digital magazines accessible offline.

For example, you can publish your digital magazines to local in HTML format after your editing, which can be read offline in the browser. Of course, you are also able to save you HTML magazine in a ZIP package and then deliver it to others via email. Besides, EXE and APP will be another choice for offline publishing. Certainly, CD and DVD are also good options if you want to create offline magazine edition. When you burn your magazine into CD and DVD, your items can be read on the computer offline. How powerful of AnyFlip!

Best Flip Book Makers for Amazing Digital Magazines Publishing

In short, AnyFlip as a best flip book maker has helped users a lot in their digital magazine publishing operation. You can download it for a try and enjoy its tons of amazing features.

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